Sitarian Corporation. Turning ideas into reality!

Using vision and creativity applied to the world around us, Sitarian looks to create, as well as help others to create, new ideas and to innovate products and services. Sitarian’s emphasis and focus on creating world class research, and launching trade shows and conferences allows all facets of vision and creativity to be exercised.

Sitarian, working as a team both internally and externally with partners and customers, help identify critical markets, their associated needs and opportunities. This idea and identification stage is one of the most exciting times! This is where that feeling of “we having something special” takes place. But, this is also the place where the what ifs, and doubts seem to undermine and sabotage most efforts. This is where Sitarian provides the vision, creativity and ideas that put into the right balance and equation can create that uniqueness, differentiation and positioning that give life to the opportunity.

Product Innovation. Sitarian has experience in bringing a fresh set of eyes, thoughts and ideas to existing businesses, products and services. With a rich track record of innovation and creativity, Sitarian can inject new blood into the DNA of any creative team or business unit. Sometimes it’s “darkest under the lamp”. Sitarian can shed new light.

Innovation Support Services: Whiteboarding Sessions, User Interface(UI)/User Experience (UX) Design and Expertise, Usability Project Management, Project Management, Competitor & Product Due Diligence

Research and events represent a great opportunity to create a nucleus of subject expertise, vendors, attendees, buyers and sellers and associations gathered in one place to delve into important topics and business issues. Driven by research, each event is essentially a business or business unit that gets positioned, branded, marketed and sold allowing all key business and creative components to be orchestrated in order to achieve success. Each component can be applied to essentially any business – this is what drives the passion to create and launch! This is what drives Sitarian!

Sitarian strategically leverages a three pronged program of collaborative think tanks, strategic research and data analysis via community engagement, and then creating an Exchange format via webinars, educational conferences, and tradeshows components to digest, analyze the research data on a collective industry-whole dialogue, while looking to provide recommendations and actions.

Sitarian Corporation is a privately held company.

Sitarian Corporation, Sitarian Research + Advisory Services and Sitarian Events + Programs operate and conduct their practices as an independent, unbiased, objective, and agnostic industry resource, with the primary goal of providing realistic, actionable, practicable business insights, information, as well as educational programming and content.