Sitarian Research + Advisory Services™ (Sitarian RAS™) provides forward-thinking data capture and analysis applied to industry, next generation technology and business research insights, as well as supporting advisory services, for clients engaged with various technology focused industries as well as the markets reliant upon them.

Sitarian Research™ gathers key industry information, data, and intelligence as a starting point as it looks to incubate, create and launch its initiatives. This intelligence is used as part of Sitarian’s efforts to analyze trends, issues, challenges and possible solutions and then provide this to its communities and relevant industries.

 Sitarian RAS looks at the research, data, intelligence, and impact of the key stakeholder communities and their associated business efforts and how they intersect upon each other.

Sitarian Corporation, Sitarian Research + Advisory Services and Sitarian Events + Programs operate and conduct their practices as an independent, unbiased, objective, and agnostic industry resource, with the primary goal of providing realistic, actionable, practicable business insights, information, as well as educational programming and content.